Transport "coverboy" - for furniture

These sustainable transport covers are made out of 3 layers.

  • The outer layer consists of wear-resistant fabric manufactured from 100% polyester. These covers are splash and rainwater proof for an optimal protection of the transported goods. The outer layer is available in red, blue green and black. With or without an insert cover and personal imprint (Logo and/or name).

  • The middle layer exists of a 100% polyester fleece lining. This lining provides an extra protection layer so that the furniture are protected against bumps.

  • The inner layer consists of a smooth polyester lining. This easily slides over the furniture and leaves no fluff behind on it.

By default, these covers are finished with a rubber on the bottom to close the cover well.

These covers also are provided with 2 straps with buckles to tighten the goods. These straps can functions as a grip during transport.

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By default we deliver covers for:

  • The dinging chair: 56 x 56 x 110cm.
  • The armchair : 92 x 96 x 94 cm.
  • 2 person couch : 182 x 96 x 94 cm.
  • 3 person couch: 223 x 96 x 94 cm.
  • 4 person couch : 263 x 96 x 94 cm.

Other dimensions and other qualities available on request. Have a look at our page: air cushion covers from bubble.

Next to furniture covers, wa can also deliver other custom made transport covers for: tables, chairs, closets, matresses, wheelchairs, garden furniture, pianos, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, flatscreens, etc.


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