Protective covers

Looking for protective covers for household appliances or televisions?

Arcotextiles has it for you! Coverboy in standard implementation is a protective cover manufactured according to traditional methods for household appliances and televisions. These serve for protection of frigidaire, dishwashers, automats, gas-ovens and televisions (standard format or flatscreen/plasma and LCD).

Thanks to the use of the "Coverboy" you save considerable amounts by the reduction of claims during transport and manipulation. Also the saving on throwing packing materials (container costs, bubbelplastic, paperboard,...) to be considerable.Coverboy is an ecological, very durable product. It is a small investment thanks to wich you can save money for many years.

Coverboy is friendly to use and is used at service and supply : 1 person can move the apparature easily, raise and take along.



Important :

  • waterfree
  • composition: polyester cotton
  • a shock-proof foam, tested in association with our customers
  • Coverboy can be personalise at quantity purchase.

Beside a serial standard products we also provide half-measure work, in narrow and creative dialoge with the customer, where quality prevails always.

By the combination of old-fashioned production, quality and openness for market renewal ARC is a flexible and reliable partner.

Our customers : electro traders, re move companies,... Perhaps you become also a customer of Arcotextiles ?

Additional information in this PDF: "Housses de transport pour tous secteurs d'activité"


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