Privacy policy

This is the Internet site of ARC SPRL.

Our company has established on this address :
52, rue Docteur André
7890 Ellezelles - BELGIUM


Our venture number or VAT number is BE0507.900.116

Tel : +32(0)68/54.33.34


Your personal data, our responsibility

On this Internet site we collect personal data. These data are managed by our company.

At a visit to our site we keep :
- your field name (ip address) if you pay a visit to ours webpages
- your e-mailaddress if you place messages/questions on this Internet site.
- your e-mailaddress if you communicates this to us
- your e-mailaddress if you take part in discussion forums
- all information concerning pages of other sites which you have consulted to go to our site
- all information which you have supplied voluntarily on our site (for example research information and/or site recording)

This information is used:
- to improve the contents of our Internet site
- to contact you later for direct marketing aims

The use of cookies

On this site we use no cookies (cookies are a small file which is sent by a Internet server and that installs itself on the hard disk of your computer. This file keep information about the internet site you visit and contains a number of data concerning this visit).


If we receive your data and we transfer those on our Internet site, we always uses coding technologies which are recognised as going standards within IT-sector.
We have introduced the necessary security measures for loss, the unlawful use or the modification to prevent of information which we receive on our site.
If we receive certain critical information or transfer, like for example financial information, we uses a protected server.

How contact us concerning our privacy policy?

• You wish react to our privacy policy, then you can contact our :
- by means of e-mail :
- by means of tel. : 003268/54.33.34
- by mail: 52, rue Docteur André - 7890 Ellezelles - BELGIUM
• If you communicate your mail address or phone number to us by means of the web you can receive periodic mailing, phone calls, SMS, ... of our, with information on products and services and rising events. If you don't wish to receive such mailing, phone calls, SMS... anymore, please contact us on the above mentioned address. You can also receive mailing from other companies/organisations with which we are contractual linked. These companies/organisations can be parts of the following sectors :
- commercial partners
If you don't wish anymore to receive mailings, phone calls, SMS, ... of these companies/organisations, please contact us on above mentioned address.
NB: In this last case you cannot forget to communicate us your (correctly spelled) address or phone number. We will cross out your data from our list.
• On inquiry we grant access to all information which we keep of all visitors, we offer the visitor the possibility to correct datawhich we keep up of them. If you do so, contact our on the address mentioned above.
• If you find that our site is not in agreement with our privacy policy, get in touch then with : -our company himself, on the address mentioned above.


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