The Kiwanis doll

In 1995, a member of the Kiwanis Club came back from Australia, carrying a rag doll in his luggage. People in Australia apparently used such dolls to divert sick children.

The social committee then decided, under the direction of Liefwin Waignein, to elaborate a project by distributing such rag dolls in hospitals.

Paediatricians and/or nurses were thus enabled to explain to children by means of the rag doll the surgery or treatment they considered to apply.

It appeared from studies and evaluation that children were less anxious and paid less attention to pain after they had surgery.

These rag dolls are nowadays also used in the emergency room as most children that are admitted in E.R. dont have their cuddly toy with them when they are brought in. Within a short time, these dolls were a direct hit, not only in Belgium but anywhere in Europe.



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