Boxspring and mattresses made to measure and in various finishes

You are a distributor of Boxsprings and mattresses and you want your own brand. Then ARC is the best partner. You run a hotel, B&B, retirement home or home. You are looking for Boxspring or mattresses and mattress trailers. Upholstered or water resistant?

Arc has different solutions.

  • Headboard in various finishes and sizes.
  • Box spring: hard box 21 and 30 cm, spring box 21 cm and bonnel box 30 cm. Electric Box models also available.
  • Height Boxpring approx. 60 cm.
  • Mattress, upholstered: Medium, Firm and micro with 4 cm. HR40 cover.
  • Mattress topper, upholstered: cold foam HR40, H 6 cm. Also available in NASA and Latex.
  • Feet in hardwood, 12 cm black, wengé, silver or in metal, brushed, galvanized and chrome.
  • Available in 70.80, 90, 140, 160, 180 x 200 cm. Also available in lengths of 210 and 220 cm. From size 160 the box springs are available in one or two pieces.
  • Bedside table, cube with glass, blanket boxes and lovebench in the same finish.

All box springs are made from MDF 900 pressed and planed pine.

Fire retardant and waterproof mattress HR40

Care and project mattresses for hospitals, rest homes, reception centers, youth hostels, ...

The covers (ticks) are watertightly provided with a zipper for easy maintenance. They are anti-allergy and anti-dust mites. (choice between dark blue or beige)

Thickness: 12 cm or 14 cm (option)

Cold foam HR40 between flexible or firm.

Suitable for adjustable mattress carriers.These mattresses are also suitable for children who stay in bed for a long time. Choose the flexible version for children. Also for youth hostels, reception centers, ...

However, we do not recommend this mattress for hospitals or retirement homes. For that you better opt for the fire retardant and watertight mattresses HR60 or HR45 + Visco, because these mattresses are softer and therefore better to avoid bedsores.



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